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Efficient Cleaning Services

You spent the week buying boxes, packing up, and we just left with a full truck ready to take you to your new home; time to put your feet up and relax… until you realize. 


Wait? We have to clean the house now?


If you are burnt out from a hectic week, leave the cleaning to us. We work with some of the best cleaning crews in town to ensure your house looks better when you leave than it did the day you moved in. We can do as much, or as little as needed to give your old home that new home vibe. Trust us for efficient cleaning services throughout Alberta.

Female janitor with vacuum cleaner cleaning the room
A woman cleans a bathroom toilet with a scrub brush

Move-out Cleaning

Services included on our standard move-out cleaning checklist may include:

Vacuum and sweep all floors
Wipe down baseboards
Scrub shower and bathtub
Scrub toilets
Clean sinks and countertops
Clean kitchen appliances
Dust everything

Bundle moving and cleaning services together and we can save you money over booking separately!

Start off Fresh in Your Beautiful New Home

Our professional cleaners will remove any dust and debris from previous house owners or renovations before you move in. From the kitchen, bathroom to the living room and bedroom, we’ll keep you stress-free and get your house ready for the move-in day.

Interior of clean and beautiful master bedroom
Male Janitor Cleaning Kitchen Counter

Moving in & Out Cleaning

Connect with our team for deep cleaning your home.

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