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Get Moving Tips and Answers to Common Questions in Red Deer

Questions and Answers



Can I keep my clothes in my dresser?

It is best to empty your dresser.You can keep some clothing in your dresser. Please do not overfill you your dresser. If it is a really heavy oak dresser, then our guys would appreciate it being emptied. Drawers with loose items such as change or jewellery will have to be emptied. Particle bored or Ikea type dresses have to be emptied. Having extra weight in them puts to much pressure on their already week structure.


Do you protect my furniture when you move it?

We will protect your furniture with our heavy duty storage blankets and secure all items for transport. We also carry shrink wrap if your items need an extra layer of protection. Don't worry, your stuff is safe with us.


What happens if my items are damaged during the move?

If there is an inexpensive item damaged then we will cover the cost right away. If there is an expensive item damaged then we would have to use our cargo insurance.


What happens if my home is damaged during the move?

We will fix any cosmetic damage to walls, floors, and ceiling. Structural damage if not easily fixed, this type of damage will be subcontracted out through our insurance agent or a settlement will be arranged.


Do you protect my hardwood floors, carpet, or tile?

Yes we will protect all your hardwood, tile floors and carpet with our floor runners when we get to your home at no extra cost. If you need full carpet shield we offer that as well for a small fee. Our goal is to make your move stress free. Your home is safe with us.


What size is your truck?

We offer two different size trucks to serve you. Our trucks range from 16' to a 30' box length. The 16' box can hold an average apartment. The 30' box can hold an average 1200 square foot home.


Do your prices change on the weekends?

We have the same price every day of the year. No surprises!


Do you have any hidden fees?

There are NO hidden fees when you hire us. We are upfront and honest when we do our estimates.


What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, debit, credit card payments or e-transfers


Do you charge fuel on top of the hourly rate?

We only charge fuel if we are going more than 30km outside of Red Deer, Alberta. Fuel is included for all local moves large or small.


Will you disassemble and reassemble my bed?

Yes we can disassemble and reassemble all standard beds. Custom made beds or baby cribs will need to be disassembled before we arrive, and then we will move them with care to your new home.


Do you move pianos?

We only move small to medium size pianos that are under 52 Inch tall. When it comes to large upright pianos, grand and baby grand pianos, we would recommend hiring a piano specialist. These specialists focus solely on pianos and they can tune them after the move.


Do you provide a senior citizen discount?

Yes, we offer 5% seniors discount.


What don't you move?

Here is a list of things that we do not usually move:

  • Grand pianos or large pianos over 52 Inch
  • Extremely heavy items over 600 lb
  • Extremely valuable items, such as jewellery, chandeliers, fine wine
  • Firearms, ammunitions, propane bottles, gas cans or any combustible items
  • Cars
  • Pets

Do I have to be there during the move?

We do require someone to be there during the move. If you can not be there, you can have a friend or family member oversees the move.

Moving Tips

  1. In addition to labeling what’s in your boxes, add what room they’ll be going into, as well.
  2. Cut down on boxes by making all of your baskets, laundry bins, hampers, and suitcases work for you.
  3. Make sure everything is completely packed before the movers show up to move you.
  4. Hire a sitter for the children and pets.
  5. Remember to defrost your refrigerator at least a day before moving and wipe up any liquid.
  6. Pack a bag containing all the essentials that you may need that day and transport it in your vehicle.
  7. Wrap your breakables (dishes, glasses, etc.) in clothing to save on bubble wrap.
  8. The Golden Rule. The heavier the item, the smaller the box! Never over-pack a box.
  9. Get organized early
  10. If you must move during the "peak" summer season, try to choose a date off the month end - the last few days of June, July and August are the busiest moving days of the year.
  11. Never plan to move in on your "closing" day. Sometimes there are delays in the closing or the former owners may be later moving out which means having the moving truck sitting idle running up extra charges.
  12. Items like grandfather clocks need special servicing before and after the move. Make arrangements with a licensed service person or make sure to discuss it over the phone with us before moving day.
  13. Movers do not remove items affixed to ceilings and walls so if you are taking drapery track, curtain rods, or blinds, remove them before the movers arrive.
  14. You can leave lightweight items in dresser drawers but do not put books or heavy items in them. Be sure to remove valuables like jewellery, money and documents and fragile items including bottles of perfume.
  15. Moving houseplants on the moving van with your furniture is usually not a good idea. The inside of the trailer is subject to extremes in temperature both in the winter and the summer. Plants do not fare well in this environment. We can accept houseplants as part of your shipment on an "owner's risk basis". No liability will be assumed for damage.
  16. Paper packing. Use packing paper instead of newspaper to avoid smears and stains on your valuables.
  17. Last in, first out. Tell us which boxes you need first at your new home and we'll load them last on our trucks.
  18. Use standard size moving boxes. It makes it much quicker and easier to load and unload the truck.
  19. Transport your Telus and/or Shaw boxes in your own vehicle so you know where they are if you need them right away.
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